5 Best Luxury Hotels in Charlotte

We’re in North Carolina this week discovering the best luxury hotels in Charlotte. Now although Charlotte is the largest city in North and South Carolina, it still doesn’t offer the same quantity of luxury hotels that you may find in a city like New York. However, Charlotte offers many luxury accommodations. Below is my round-up of the 5 best luxury hotels in Charlotte.

  1. Ballantyne Hotel. The Ballantyne Luxury Hotel in Charlotte is hands-down the best all-around luxury hotel in the queen city. The luxury Charlotte hotel features all you would expect from luxury accommodations, including a golf resort, tennis, spa, fine dining restaurants and plush rooms. If there’s a Charlotte hotel you want to spend your vacation, then this is it.
  2. Ritz-Carlton. You’ll find few “best” hotel lists that don’t have a Ritz-Carlton on it. This luxury hotel in Charlotte continues its award-winning hospitality and top-of-the-line accommodations. Standing at 18 stories tall with 146 rooms, the luxury hotel in uptown Charlotte offers many luxury amenities, including a bi-level wellness center and Aqua Lounge with a swimming pool and spa. You can always count on a luxury experience from a Ritz-Carlton.
  3. The Westin Charlotte. Like the Ritz-Carlton, you can usually expect a first-class experience at just about any Westin location around the world. Located in Uptown Charlotte, the hotel is known for its beautiful architecture that stands out in Charlotte and its luxurious interior decor. Every room in the Charlotte hotel offers a beautiful view of the city.
  4. Omni Hotel. This luxury Charlotte hotel is another example of a hotel with unique architecture in Charlotte. The hotel is known for being geared toward business travelers. with its first-class business services and location just a couple blocks from the Charlotte Convention Center. Contrary to many luxury accommodations, the four-diamond Charlotte hotel offers many services for children, including various activities and games to help keep children busy.
  5. Dunhill Hotel. Although the Charlotte hotel may not have the same unique architecture as some of the other luxury hotels in North Carolina, the Dunhill is a suitable alternative for luxury accommodations in Charlotte. The hotel is rich in history, as it dates back to the early 1900s. The Dunhill offers a historic and luxury experience that many of the other luxury hotels simply can’t provide, since they are but one of many hotels of a larger brand.