Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown Greenville, South Carolina

I love the Hyatt hotels. They are probably my favorite hotel brand. It’s not because I’ve won free nights at Hyatt or because I’ve probably stayed at more Hyatts than any other hotel brand. There are many reasons I’ve come to love the Hyatt. I’ve experienced great customer service both in person and on the phone, their hotels are all so high-class, yet each so unique, they genuinely show an appreciate and interest in me throughout the planning experience, as well as the stay and I’ve never had a bad experience at a Hyatt hotel. These are a few of the reasons that I’ve come to love the Hyatt brand so much. Despite my love for the hotel brand, it was a bit surprising and disconcerting that I had lived in Greenville, South Carolina for three years and had yet to even step foot in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Greenville.

Now before I go any further, let me tell you that I have absolutely no business relationship with the Hyatt. I’ve made some great relationships with the Hyatt, but do not have any type of partnership with them. With that being said, I’m sure the Hyatt has some flaws, like all hotels, but I just haven’t experienced them. Recently, my wife and I decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary by spending an evening at the Downtown Greenville Hyatt Hotel.

If you’ve traveled to Greenville, South Carolina, you’ll know that many of the buildings look very similar and everything seems to just blend in. Unlike many cities where you have such unique architecture and no two buildings that look the same, this isn’t the case for Greenville. This downtown Greenville hotel is no exception to this rule and is probably the reason I had never even stepped into it.

Although the downtown Greenville Hyatt Regency Hotel seems to blend in, it is different in how the front is clear glass from top to bottom. As you step inside, you’ll notice its unique architecture that sets it apart from many hotels, and especially Greenville, South Carolina hotels. When you walk through the front doors, you’re really overwhelmed by the 360 degree view from the lobby. From the lobby you get a view of the Greenville hotel’s restaurant and lounge, several offices and meeting rooms and many of the Hyatt’s interior guest rooms. The atrium is definitely the central part of the hotel and where most of the activity happens.

Since it was our honeymoon, we were fortunate that the Hyatt upgraded us for free to the panoramic suite. Now I can’t speak for the guest rooms in the hotel, but I can’t see there being any other way to stay than in this suite. There were several big events and a couple events involving children, and so it was nice to be tucked away in the far corner of the hotel, away from most of the Greenville hotel’s activity. The suite was really more of an apartment. There was a huge living room with windows spreading around it, offering a panoramic view of downtown Greenville and the outerlying Blue Ridge mountains. A little smaller than the living room was the bedroom, which included a king bed, dresser, flat screen TV and more windows. With such a grand bedroom, we couldn’t resist having breakfast in bed the next morning. Although the bathroom isn’t bad, it’s nothing spectacular that you might expect.

With its location in downtown Greenville, the hotel prices are actually reasonable being a Hyatt Regency. Expect prices at the downtown Greenville Hyatt Regency Hotel to be in the low to mid $100s, depending on what promotions they have available.

Photo taken by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts on Flickr.