Greenville, South Carolina’s Table 301 Restaurants

When it comes to discussions of the best restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina, you’re usually going to find at least one of Table 301′s restaurants in the mix, if not all of them. Each of Table 301′s Greenville, South Carolina restaurants offer a little something different. Started in 1997, this business has grown to now include 4 restaurants in downtown Greenville.

What many may call the staple of the four restaurants is Soby’s, which was also the first restaurant opened in 1997. Soby’s stands out from many of the other restaurants because it is great for almost any occasion, whether for a business lunch meeting, romantic date or just drinks. Located just around the corner is Soby’s on the side, which is the casual version of Soby’s, predominantly offering breakfast and lunch options, such as sandwiches, pastries and salads.

Lazy Goat and Devereaux’s are the more fine dining side of Table 301′s Greenville restaurants. The Lazy Goat features a unique ambiance that is likened to a tapas bar you may find at a New York City restaurant. The menu features a wide-range of tapas and entrees, from various cheeses to fresh meat. It’s ideal for eating with large groups, but also offers an intimate setting. One of the best fine dining restaurants in Greenville, Devereaux’s is the luxury suite of Table 301. It features unique dishes and small portions with an intimate atmosphere. If you’re wanting to throw some money down and impress a significant other, then this is the Table 301 restaurant to do so.

Unlike many area restaurants, what sets Table 301 apart as one of the best Greenville restaurants is their event and catering services. Since all the restaurants are in downtown Greenville, it can be tough to make it often to one of Table 301′s establishments. To make it easy, you can have Table 301 cater for your party or business lunch. If you have a big business event, consider letting one of Table 301′s restaurants host the event. The Greenville Social Media Club is just one local organization that uses Table 301′s catering services on a regular basis.

So if you’re looking for something different this weekend, consider one of the Greenville restaurants Table 301 offers. My personal favorite featuring delicious southern cuisine is Soby’s. However, if you like a sleek atmosphere and style you might would find at a New York City restaurant, then consider the Lazy Goat.