Review of Travel Operator Travelgrove

It seems like the list of online travel operators just seems to grow and grow, with each having their owns pros and cons. You probably have your own personal preference, whether it’s Priceline, Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and so on. I recently came across another travel operator called Travelgrove, which follows in the footsteps of the leading travel operators around the world.

Although you’ll find a little something different at all the many online travel operator websites, one thing usually remains the same, and that is that the website design and layout usually is starkly similar from site to site. That is exactly the case at Travelgrove as well. When arriving at the home page, you’ll find the same basic tools and features you would find at any online travel operator and meta-search engine. You’ll notice you can see last minute travel deals, search multiple sites for the lowest price, view travel guides (Charlotte travel guide) and search for specific packages, such as cheap flights to Charlotte.

One unique feature you’ll find at Travelgrove that you don’t always find at other travel operators and meta-search engines is a social networking presence within the website. Although many travel operators leverage social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Travelgrove on the other hand has created their own social network on the website. There are a couple different entry points to the social networking side of the  site from the home page, including a link to the travel guide section, which houses reviews, photos and user profiles, a travel forum on the home page and an advertisement in the header that promotes their travel community contest, where users can win prizes for their reviews and travel tips. The forum is a good place to start when planning a trip because it gives you instant access to answers that you just can’t find on other websites. I would encourage use of the forum because although there are a number of posts and good questions, there haven’t been as many replies as you would expect from a typical forum.

Many online travel operators and travel meta-search engines can often be overwhelming because they’re offering so much. The benefit of that is it means you don’t have to visit multiple sites to plan your trip. Below are some more features of Travelgrove’s website:

  • Last minute travel deals, such as flights for as low as $100 and hotels for as low as $25 per night.
  • Travel deal alerts, which notify you of flight prices that drop to your price range.
  • Travel guides and reviews for cities around the world
  • Travel affiliate for website owners who want to sell Travelgrove’s packages and deals on their own website.

I encourage you to take a look around Travelgrove’s website and get a feel for it to see if it offers features that your typical online travel operator doesn’t. One last feature to note is that they have sites in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Italian and German. Travelgrove has a leg up on many competitors who aren’t offering a completely translated version of their website for other languages. I will tell you that you may have to really look for certain features of their website. For example, I love reading the first-hand experiences and opinions of travel blogs; however, I didn’t find Travelgrove’s blog until I scrolled all the way down to the bottom and saw a link for it.

2010 some are calling the year of the travel deal, so at least consider using Travelgrove for your travel planning this year.

This was a sponsored post.