Day 1 of PhocusWright 2009 Travel Innovation Summit

And they’re off. One of the largest travel research companies in the world have kicked off their 2009 Travel Innovation Summit. The 2009 PhocusWright Conference has gathered all the major players in travel together for the event. Companies on hand include Uptake, Google, Bing, Priceline, Kayak and Trip Advisor. There has been a lot of anticipation leading up to the event. This event has never been more important, especially with the growth of travel in the last couple years coupled with the pains the travel industry has endured this year as a result of failed economies.

The 2009 PhocusWright Conference has gathered the best in travel to celebrate victories in travel over the last year, while discussing new and innovative ways to move forward. Items that have been on the docket today have included:

  • Looping travel content with social networks like Facebook.
  • Present and future state of travel mobile applications, such as iPhone applications.
  • Successes of the travel insurance business.
  • How to acquire users for travel content websites.
  • The future of travel deals.


As I’ve followed the Phocuswright tweets, I’ve been especially intrigued by a couple of the points that have been made via Twitter. I’m curious, as is everyone, about the future of travel deals. Twitter has been a major source for promoting and finding out about travel deals. Does that make Twitter the future of travel? I’m also curious how travel companies can loop their content with Facebook and ultimately lead to more website traffic and more revenue. 

Here are some Twitter users I suggest following to get up-to-the-minute information on the PhocusWright Conference over the next couple days:


If you’re at the PhocusWright Conference, what’s your take on the first day? What are some of the impressive innovations in travel? Is social media the future of travel?