Hyatt Place Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina

I’ve been to the Hyatt Place in Greenville a couple times, but this week was the first time I really got the full experience of the Greenville hotel. What made this visit a little different than many of my hotel visits is that I didn’t tell the Greenvile hotel that I would be visiting, nor did I tell them during the entire time I was there. If a hotel knows you’re a writer, then they’re often much quicker to make your stay as perfect as possible. With this, I was able to get the real picture of the hotel and the service it provides.

I was warmly greeted by the Greenville Hyatt Place Hotel’s Gallery Host, who quickly got me checked in and did a great job explaining all of the features and amenities of the hotel. Although not necessarily a mark against the hotel, the staff was a little more distracted the next morning when I checked out and it didn’t go as quickly and smoothly as most of my checkouts at Hyatt Place properties. If you like finding the little (and big) differences that stretch across different properties within a brand, then don’t expect to find that at the Hyatt Place. As an uppity business hotel, you’re going to find things almost exactly the same at each property, from the way the lobby is laid out, to how things are arranged in your room. Since business travelers typically are there to stay connected and get a restful night of sleep, that shouldn’t be a problem at this hotel in Greenville, South Carolina.

My favorite thing about the Greenville Hyatt Place Hotel is the room. You’ll get some added space in one of the suites, but their standard room offers plenty of room. As you walk in, you’ll notice the room is split up into three areas. To the left, there’s the large sofa with an ottoman that looks at the HUGE flatscreen HDTV. To the right, you’ll notice a work area with a leather chair that backs up to the wet bar, which includes a sink and refrigerator. The end of the room is where you’ll find the bedroom area and bathroom. Unlike many business hotels, the Hyatt Place offers plenty of space, which can be convenient if you’re traveling with more than one person. An added perk to your stay, which you don’t typically see at classier business hotels, is the complimentary breakfast.

All in all, I had another great stay at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina. It offers the comfort, space and ambiance that I wish for in most business hotels, but rarely get. If you’re still not sold on the Hyatt Place, than I suggest you read Christopher Elliott’s piece on 10 things he loves about the Hyatt Place.