Noble’s Restaurant, Charlotte, North Carolina

There are certainly many different ways to measure what truly makes a great chef and a great restaurant, but certainly one must be measured as great if the master chef manages several different successful restaurants, which is the case with Jim Noble and Noble’s Charlotte restaurant, which is affectionately named after himself. This fine dining restaurant in Charlotte is a mainstay among find dining establishments in the queen city and is what many may call the crown jewel of Jim’s restaurants. It’s hard to categorize Noble’s, as it features so many different flavors and styles. To do so, you would have to create a category of its own; maybe something like AmeriSouthernEuroTuscan.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find negative reviews of what many call the best restaurant in Charlotte. The restaurant is known for its unique style and flavors that stretch across many cultures. You could literally experience several different cultural foods each time you visit. With find dining, it can often be tough to have a perfect experience, as there is often such high expectations, from hospitality to ambiance to precise portions to price to flavor and so on. However, Noble’s restaurant in Charlotte aims to make each visit something special, yet unique. As I’ve asked people their favorite dish at Noble’s, I get a different answer each time, which is the mark of a great restaurant.

As I stated, Noble’s is a restaurant you don’t want to just go to for a casual dinner, but should be saved for those special evenings. Open only for dinner, plan to dress nothing short of business casual. This isn’t your popped collar, crocs and cut off shorts restaurant. The Charlotte restaurant focuses on using fresh, local ingredients, so you’ll see a lot of southern-style entrees, with many of the entrees with an international flair. They put a lot into the presentation of each entree, so portions are small to medium in size. Some of Noble’s favorite dishes include short ribs, shrimp and grits and crab cakes. It also features an extensive drink menu and many exquisite desserts. With standard portions and their tasty dessert menu, this is one time you’ll want to save room.

As it’s one of the Charlotte’s best restaurants, save Noble’s for a special evening, such as an anniversary, birthday or just a nice evening on the town. Plan on spending more than your typical time at Noble’s, as you enjoy a true fine dining experience.