Cruisin’ in Charleston

Did you know that for sometime travelers have been able to go cruising out of Charleston, South Carolina on Carnival during the winter months? Well if you didn’t know that travelers could cruise out of Charleston on Carnival during the winter, then you probably haven’t even heard that travelers can now cruise year-round on Carnival cruise line out of its Charleston port. Carnival recently announced that starting in May, travelers can now cruise anytime of year on several of their different cruise ships in Charleston.


I talk to travelers often who’ve never been on a cruise. The reason most often cited is the distance they have to travel to even get on the cruise. The addition of Charleston as a year-round port city for Carnival now makes it easier for travelers on the east coast to go on that cruise vacation they’ve always wanted to. Carnival is a leader in the cruise industry and actually sails from 12 different North American ports, including Miami, New Orleans and of course Charleston.

Charleston is a great port city because of many of it being well-known in the south as one of the leading vacation and historic spots in the south. Travelers can enjoy spending a few days in downtown Charleston before or after embarking on their Carnival cruise. Downtown Charleston offers a great vacation experience for both the young and old with great things to do. Charleston attractions for many younger travelers include the beach, water sports, a vibrant nightlife and ghost tours of the city. If you like catching the historic attractions, consider the South Carolina aquarium, the Charleston Waterfront Park and Charleston’s famous attraction, The Battery.

Carnival with begin their new embarkation out of Charleston beginning May 18, 2010. There will be several ships sailing out of Charleston on 5, 6 and 7-night trips to the Bahamas and Key West. In addition, there will be many ships visiting Charleston as a port of call throughout the year. What better way to experience Charleston and the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean than on a cruise.