10 Things in the Carolinas I’m not Likely to Find in NYC

This time next week I’ll be in New York City at the 2010 Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX). In it’s second year, this will be my first year attending. TBEX brings together the best travel publications, blogs, writers and editors for a weekend of networking and sessions. As a precursor to the event, I’ve come up with a list of 10 things from North and South Carolina that I’m not likely to find in New York City. Although this lists consists of 10, I’m sure the list could go much longer. The first list of 5 I got from some of my friends on Twitter, while the second 5 is my own list. Are there some more you could add to the list?

1. Rocking Chairs (From @CailinONeil who writes and produces video over at Travel Yourself). You just don’t walk by restaurants in Time Square and see people rocking back and forth in handcrafted rocking chairs.

2. Grits (From @ChasRunner who blogs at ChasRunner). Grits are certainly uniquely southern, as you may even find northerners who’ve never even heard of it. Here in South Carolina it’s the sixth food group.

3. B’ald Peanuts (From @karynmurph who blogs at Happy That You Don’t Have Kids). For you northerners, that’s boiled peanuts and we take ‘em anyway we can get ‘em down here. The best usually come from an old farmer whose selling them out of the back of his pickup truck on a country highway.

4. Cheerwine (From @d_travelbug) Manufactured in North Carolina, you won’t find many convenience and grocery stores in the Carolinas that don’t have Cheerwine on their shelf. A handful of convenience stores even have Cheerwine Slushies.

5. Gem Mines (From @MSquishy from Emerald Hollow Mine). Yeah you’re not likely to find any gems or gold while perusing through New York City, unless that is you go to Tiffany’s, where the mining has already been done for you, but at a price.

6. BBQ. Sure they have some BBQ spots in New York City, but I’m talking about that moist, hickory smoke barbecue you’ll only find in the Carolinas.

7. Seersuckers. I confess, I have a seersucker suit, plus two pairs of seersucker shorts and it’s not likely that I’ll find someone wearing seersuckers in NYC. If I do, I’m going up to them and asking: “You ain’t from around here are ya”?

8. Sweet Tea. My first trip when I was a kid was to several northern states and I remember throwing a hissy fit because the McDonald’s didn’t have sweet tea. I just thought it was common occurrence that if you were a restaurant, than you served sweet tea. That’s not the case and I’ll be hard pressed to find good sweet tea in New York City.

9. Mullets and Jorts. Mullets and jorts are one thing in and of themselves, but when you put these two things together, it’s a completely different beast.

10. Pimento Burger. It took a while, but this has grown on me as one of my favorite delicacies, although I have a hard time finding a place that serves it outside of South Carolina.

Photo from Stephen Blake on Flickr.