Best Greenville Barbecue Restaurants

Now if there is one group of best list that divides families and friendships, it is that of the best barbecue restaurants. Nobody can seem to agree on what the best barbecue restaurants ever are, and especially in the south. There’s so many factors like whether it’s North Carolina barbecue or western barbecue or if it’s vinegar or water based. Yet despite the criticisms, I’ve taken it on myself to pull together a list of the 5 best barbecue restaurants in Greenville. What you will find here, is my take on the best Greenville barbecue restaurants. What you won’t find here, are any large chain barbecue restaurants like Sticky Fingers. Without further adieu, here are the five best barbecue restaurants in Greenville.

  1. Henry’s Smokehouse. Few argue that this is one of the best Greenville barbecue restaurants. Featuring a couple locations around Greenville, it has mouthwatering smoked barbecue that just seems to rise above. Nationally acclaimed, the Greenville restaurant has been featured in publications such as Southern Living. Henry’s another entrees aren’t bad, and if nothing else, you can’t beat their greasy fries to go along with the smoked barbecue. You may even consider catering with Henry’s for the holidays and getting a smoked ham.
  2. Smokin’ Stokes. Certainly not on the top of everyone’s list of best Greenville barbecue restaurants, Smokin’ Stokes features a certain flair you just won’t find anywhere else. Unlike any barbecue restaurant you’ve been to, this Greenville restaurant featured barbecue that’s marinated with a Cheerwine flavored barbecue sauce. It may not sound appealing, but after your first taste, you’ll be singing a different tune. Beware, their hours can sometimes vary because of their barbecue competitions, so your best chance is lunch during the week.
  3. Bucky’s Barbecue. The Greenville restaurant could be at the very top of my list, if it wasn’t for the fact that they don’t serve fries. This is the biggest complaint for many patrons, as you can tell by driving by and noticing that Henry’s has significantly more patrons dining in. However, since we’re talking barbecue, Bucky’s does have some of the best in Greenville. If you’re catering, Bucky’s might be your best bet.
  4. We’re Pigs Barbecue. If you’re a true barbecue connoisseur and just can’t do without your North Carolina barbecue, then check out We’re Pigs Barbecue restaurant in Greenville. The restaurant features several different styles of barbecue, but your best bet is the North Carolina barbecue sauce. Similar to Smokin’ Stokes, it also has a special Cheerwine barbecue sauce. Compared to some of the other Greenville barbecue restaurants, We’re Pigs is open for dinner.
  5. Tom’s BBQ. I chose this Greenville barbecue restaurant to round out the top 5 predominantly because for what you’re getting, you just can’t beat the price. One of their lunch specials includes a pork sandwich and two sides for $4.75. For a little something different, consider one of their barbecue baked potatoes.