5 Best Pizza Restaurants in Clemson

Welcome to Clemson. One of, if not the most, popular college town in South Carolina, with it and Columbia’s USC vying for first. A wasteland during holidays, the vibrant college town is hustling and bustling every other day of the year, even during the summer. So what’s a college town without its share of pizza joints? Clemson certainly had plenty of pizza restaurants, with probably a higher number even than towns twice its size. No, no, you won’t find any Domino’s or Pizza Huts on this list, but you will find plenty of greasy local Clemson restaurants that can put them to shame.

  1. Peppino’s. Have you ever eaten at one of those pizza restaurants, and when you were finished, your stomach regretted it, but for the satisfaction of the meal, you would’ve done it all over again? Well that’s exactly what you can expect to find at Peppino’s pizza restaurant in Clemson. Not for the faint of heart, this is all NYC all the way, with no shortage of grease.
  2. Tony’s Pizza and Subs. For several years running, this pizza restaurant has been one of the faves among college students. It offers the same size slices that you would find at a chain pizza joint, but thinner crust and fresher flavor. Though respected for great subs, you’ve got to go with the Meat Lover’s Pizza at Tony’s.
  3. Columbo’s Pizza. Certainly nothing to look at from the inside and outside, you may want to choose to get order or delivery from Columbo’s pizza in Clemson. However, you’ll get something here that you won’t always find at a lot of pizza restaurants, and that’s first-class deep dish pizza. There other pizzas are on par with other local pizza restaurants, so give the deep dish a spin.
  4. Mellow Mushroom. Mellow Mushroom has risen to the top of many college student’s list as the best pizza. You’ll find it in many medium-sized college towns like Greenville and Athens. Their ingredients are very fresh and you can choose from toppings that  you can’t typically find at your typically pizza joint, such as jerk chicken. However, they also offer solid meat pizzas that are as good as any you’ll find in the area.
  5. Todaro Pizza. This Clemson restaurant and bar is known as much for their nightlife as they are for their pizza. You can find college students partying here late into the nights. Thus, again it’s a good option for lunch or picking your pizza up to go. There’s only two Todaro locations, one in New Jersey and the other one here, so you can again to expect big NY style slices. Plus, it’s a cheap alternative to some of the other clemson pizza restaurants that are a little more expensive.