Ed Boudreaux’s BBQ in Asheville

When talking about the best restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina, depending on the person you’re talking with, you may or may not here the name of Ed Boudreaux’s tossed in the mix. The Asheville barbecue restaurant, known as much for its lively atmosphere as its barbecue, is sometimes a sore spot for barbecue connoisseurs, yet many tourists on vacation in Asheville love it. When on vacation in Asheville or born and bred in the Western North Carolina town, there’s no arguing, Ed Boudreaux’s marches to its own beat, featuring an atmosphere unlike any North Carolina barbecue restaurant you’ve probably ever been to.

If you’re from anywhere but North Carolina, then chances are that you’re probably going to enjoy the barbecue at this restaurant in downtown Asheville. The restaurant features what they call a “sauce bar” and bayou barbecue, which strays from the typical North Carolina barbecue style that people in the south are so accustomed to. With an extensive list of barbecue sauces and styles of pork, Ed Boudreaux’s offers a unique taste that you just won’t find at your standard barbecue restaurant. However, frequenters of North Carolina barbecue restaurants don’t always have the same appreciation for it. What may seem like great barbecue to vacationers, is low on the totem pole among the North Carolina barbecue giants. If barbecue isn’t your food of choice, then don’t worry, there’s plenty of other great southern and bayou entrees to choose from and an extensive beer list with many local microbrews.

No matter what side of the fence you fall on with this barbecue restaurant in downtown Asheville, everyone agrees that Ed Boudreaux’s offers an upbeat ambiance and nightlife that gives any place in Asheville a run for its money. To be blunt, barbecue restaurants, especially in North Carolina, simply aren’t known for their ambiance. You’re lucky if you go to a North Carolina barbecue restaurant after 8 p.m. and it’s not closed. However, things are just getting lively at Ed Boudreaux’s come 8 p.m.

If you’re walking through downtown Asheville on a weekend night, you usually just have to follow the sound of beating drums and strumming guitars to find your way to Ed Boudreaux’s. Most weekend nights feature different local bands. If you’re looking for something more low-key, the Asheville restaurant has you covered, with singer/songwriter nights on Thursdays. With 100s of beers and lively entertainment, this isn’t your typical barbecue restaurant, yet Asheville isn’t your typical town.

Photo from dockaos on Flickr.