Charleston Cruise Vacations

I’m told that I’m a picky eater, and if my eating habits have anything to do
with my travel habits, then I’m a picky traveler as well. When I’m planning
a trip, I often have an idea of what I want, but don’t need to spend a lot
of time looking at it, so that means travel packages and vacations should be
easily accessible and I shouldn’t have to filter through pages and pages of
web results. I recently visited an online travel agency that jumped out at
me, giving me all the information I need from a travel website, but often
don’t get.

The website is called Liberty Travel and they are vacation experts that
specialize in caribbean cruises. If you’re considering taking a cruise from Charleston, then include Liberty Travel in your tool bag of travel
resources. When you go Liberty Travel’s homepage, you’ll notice a plethora
of cruise vacation options, featuring several choices regarding days, port
location and price. I love this, because I don’t have to filter results or
go through several web pages before I find the actual price of the cruise.
What’s even better is the cruise rates. For a measly $169, you can be taking
your first cruise. Good luck finding one night at a resort hotel for that. If you’re interested in a complete cruise vacation, where you’re cruising for several days, you’ll probably want to at least book a 5-day cruise, which start at $399.

If this is your first time cruising, then Liberty Travel can help you
throughout the planning and preparation stage. As you’re browsing through
available cruises and packages, you can also read their tips and guidelines
about things such as gratuity, packing and travel insurance. At a price like
$169, you’re probably wondering what exactly you get. Well surprisingly, you
get much more than you would expect at such a price. This isn’t like a
hotel, where the price you pay includes the basics of your room, but
everything else costs extra.

The cruise cost includes meals, snacks, onboard activities and
entertainment. Most drinks are typically included in the price, however,
you’ll have to pay for alcoholic beverages and other drinks purchased at the
bar. These and other extra cruise services can simply be billed to your

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