2009 PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit

Needless to say, if there is any one industry that has been impacted by the struggling economies around the world this year, that industry would be travel. When finances hit bottom, travel is usually the first thing to go. If you’re a leisure traveler, then you’re probably traveling much less this year or staying closer to home. If you’re a business owner, you’re tightening the reins on your company’s travel expenses. And if you’re a travel company, then you’re trying desperately to find innovative ways to make money. Despite the difficult economic times this year, the travel industry hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and many travel companies have even found ways to grow and increase their business this year. To celebrate innovations in travel, PhocusWright, which is one of leading travel industry research companies in the world, is hosting their 2009 Travel Innovation Summit next week. Many in the travel industry are gearing up for this exciting event to see who is leading the world in travel.


No matter how you look at it, the travel industry has been hit hard in the last year. Many airlines, hotel brands and others in the travel industry have gone bankrupt or been bought out due to financial pressures. Despite this, many travel companies have overcome this by tapping into new technological advances and innovative products. The 2009 PhocusWright Innovation Summit seeks to highlight and celebrate the achievements of travel businesses that have overcome the economy by producing results. Major travel brands that will be in attendance include Uptake, Marriott, Priceline, Bing, Trip Advisor and many other major names.


If you can only make one travel industry conference this year, then this is the one to be at. You’ll be hearing from the best and brightest minds in travel, most of which are owners or presidents of the leading brands in search, travel planning, journalism and more. The conference is a time to celebrate some of the accomplishments in travel over the last year, while also learning and debating about how to capitalize on current travel trends. From the conference, travel executives should leave with new strategies and ideas on how to effectively lead and monetize from travel over the next year. The travel conference hits off on November 17th and ends on November 19th.


If you can’t be at the conference itself, you can grab one of the online tickets, which gives you on-demand access via streaming audio and video. You can also find many in the travel industry who will certainly be posting up-to-the-minute news, ideas and updates on Twitter. You may consider following Uptake’s Elliot Ng on Twitter, who often features live tweets at the conferences he attends.


There are many questions that loom large in the travel industry and the PhocusWright 2009 Conference is sure to shed light on some of these questions. 2009 has sure been a roller coaster year for the travel industry, but the PhocusWright Travel Conference hopes to create momentum as we end the 2009 travel season and gear up for 2010.