Vacation in Asheboro, North Carolina

Besides the Asheboro Zoo, the town of Asheboro, just like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect. I mean, when you have Charlotte 1 1/2 hours away and Raleigh 2 hours away, Asheboro usually isn’t given a 2nd thought to the traveler.

However, in the past few years, dollars and sense have poured into Asheboro’s scoffers and a cool, shiny new downtown has emerged. Oddly enough, where this confluence of wealth sits is on Sunset. Restaurants, bars, a theater and a park all make this part of Asheboro sparkle.

Need a drink?

Tucked away on Sunset right next to the railroad tracks is a fine little Asheboro wine bar called Lumina. Until a few years ago, you would never expect to see a wine bar anywhere in NC, let alone in a small downtown location like Asheboro. They have a cool little patio and live music. If wine, ain’t your thing, then head over to the Coffee X Change for some java to calm those cravings.

What about dinner?

Sunset has several options to tempt you like Hops BBQ or Tuscany’s  but I settled for the aptly named Flying Pig Restaurant in downtown Asheboro where the pizza is gooey , the beer free flowing, and there is something surprising found in each bathroom (hint: it is pig related).

What about some entertainment?

Well, directly across the street from the Flying Pig is an enormous 2-story antique mall that can easily absorb an  hour of anyone’s time. There are some amazing finds like gramophones, WWII military uniforms, b&w photos of someone else’s family, and technology of x-mas past (think VCR and remote for $15). If ‘antique-ing’ is not your thing, then stroll down to the Sunset Theater where you can catch a play or movie or bask in this restored theater straight out of another time.

Asheboro may be small and somewhat overlooked, but with the strides they are making in their downtown scence, it deserves another look.


Megan Riley is a full fledged travel junkie with a day job in technology. When she gets to leave the cubicle, she writes a travel blog called Come join her on her around the world trip this Summer.