5 NYC Style Pizza Restaurants in the Carolinas

In case you missed my last post on things from the Carolinas I’m not likely to find in New York City, I’m traveling to the big city very early Friday morning. I’m attending the Travel Blogger’s Exchange, which will bring together travel writers, bloggers and PR agencies from around the world for a weekend of networking and learning from others. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I like to eat and talk about it; and one of my favorite things about New York City is the food. From the huge bagels to street vendors to international flair in Little Italy and China Town, I love it all. However, what’s New York City without NYC style pizza? If you’ve ever been to New York, then you know that it’s not difficult to find one of the big slices, especially with what seems to be a Ray’s on every street corner. Well in honor of my trip to New York, I’ve listed below five New York Style Pizza restaurants around North and South Carolina.

  1. Peppino’s. Peppino’s Pizza is a small regional franchise with four locations in South Carolina. The pizza here is not for the faint of heart. I’m always skeptical when I order a NYC style pizza in the south because they rarely live up in size and quality. Peppino’s features huge, greasy slices like you’ll find in New York City itself. I had two slices and was done.
  2. Sal’s. There are a couple of places in Burlington, North Carolina called Sal’s, but the one on Huffman Mil Road is where it’s at. Growing up here, this was probably my most frequented restaurant as a kid. It’s actually known most for its authentic Italian dishes, but it also features huge NYC style pizza that can be ordered by the slice or whole.
  3. Pizza City New York Style. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Pizza City captures the essence of a New York City pizza restaurant. It doesn’t have a ton of dining space, so its popular for grabbing a pie to go or just getting a couple slices on your lunch hour. Steak actually is a popular topping choice and they have very cheap beer.
  4. Hawthorne’s Pizza. Hawthorne’s is more along the lines of your typical southern pizza joint as it offers a big dining and bar area and is hopping most nights of the week. However, this NYC style pizza restaurant is renowned among locals for its large slices.
  5. Frank’s Roman Pizza. It helps if the founder is actually a New Yorker themselves, which is what you’ll find at Frank’s Roman Pizza in Asheville. Perfect for lunch, as it offers NYC style slices starting at $2.25. This is a mainstay in Asheville as it has been around for a couple decades.