5 Best Charleston Seafood Restaurants

A few weeks ago I took a calculated risk by attempting to come up with the best barbecue restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina. Restaurants included what I thought featured the best barbecue the city had to offer. Coming up with the best restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina is challenging enough, but deciding on the best barbecue restaurants is all the bit harder. Well this week I’ve stepped up to the plate once again to take on a challenge that is equally difficult, if not more so. Below, I’ve come up with the 5 best seafood restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina. Like my Greenville best barbecue restaurant list, I expect opinions to drastically vary. So what’s your take on the best seafood in Charleston?

  1. Hyman’s Seafood. Certainly not the king of seafood restaurants in Charleston, this one may come with the biggest controversy. Many tourists to Charleston love the restaurant, while many locals beg to differ. If you want your standard Charleston seafood restaurant experience, then I recommend giving Hyman’s a try.
  2. Hank’s Seafood Restaurant. This Charleston establishment is usually near the top of most people’s list. Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, Hank’s certainly stands as one of the best seafood restaurants in Charleston, if not the best, as it’s been rated as the best by the Charleston City Paper for the last 10 years. A little more upscale than most, you receive hearty, but fresh portions that you just won’t find at your token Charleston seafood restaurants.
  3. Charleston Crab House. This isn’t your chain crab house like, Joe’s Crab Shack, but a genuine Charleston crab house that can’t be beat. Though some may disagree, I chose the Charleston Crab House for its seafood, but also it’s environment, which can’t be beat, with comfy dockside dining and beautiful views at sunset. Of course their snow crab and Low Country crab cakes are there specialty, but they offer an excellent fish selection including their special Mahi Mahi.
  4. Coast. If you’re just coming off the beach or going out with some friends, then Coast might be your best bet. Similar to the Charleston Crab House, Coast offers a fun ambiance in a restored warehouse. Although it can be noisy on the weekend when it draws a younger crowd, the Charleston seafood restaurant boasts many eclectic and spicy selections you won’t find at some of the other seafood restaurants in the area.
  5. Boathouse Restaurant. There’s just something about the name “Boathouse” that has character and charm to it and that’s just what this Charleston seafood restaurant has to offer. Like many of the other Charleston seafood restaurants on this list, the Boathouse has a unique ambiance about it, and separates itself from other local establishments with its outdoor raw bar. If you’re vacationing for the weekend, let me recommend the Sunday Brunch, which few Charleston seafood restaurants do. A Charleston favorite, you’ll have to drive outside of the city to get to it.