Alternative Lodging in the Carolinas

Having worked behind the scenes in the hotel industry, I’ve attained somewhat of an affinity for lodging. I’m probably borderline snobbish, if not a snob. As much as I like hotels, it’s often those off the beaten track accommodations that I enjoy the most. It’s that quaint cottage on the beach, the cozy mountain cabin or the countryside bed and breakfast. It’s these accommodations that have the most character and uniqueness that sets them apart. I recently stayed at a beachfront cottage in Charleston that reminded me of my love for these type of accommodations.

I want to begin by stating there was no compensation or complimentary lodging that was provided as a result of this post. I enjoy vacation rentals and since I’ve yet to write about them, I wanted to spend some time writing about vacation and timeshare rentals in the Carolinas. It’s important to note that although you’ll find these in many cities across North and South Carolina, there’s a higher concentration of them at the mountains and the beach. Typically, the Asheville area in the mountains and Charleston and Wilmington at the coast are some of the best areas for finding a timeshare rental. I’ll talk more at a later time about vacation rentals, but want to talk in this post about timeshare rentals.

The main difference of a timeshare rental as compared to a vacation rental is that they are owned by a group of owners typically. Previously, to take part in timeshare rentals, people had to be a part of that group of owners. However, many timeshare owners are now offering their properties for rent like a vacation rental. Usually, these are one week rentals; from like a Saturday to a Saturday. Timeshare rentals can start as low as $100 per night.

With the rise of the fast digital age, timeshare renting is typically taking place online at websites that connect timeshare rental owners to travelers. A top resource for vacation timeshare rentals is Redweek. Similarly to many vacation rental websites, Redweek helps travelers find a property based on location. People can browse or search from the homepage and pull up properties that show photos, property descriptions, amenities and rates. The lowest property I saw was a beach property at Atlantic Beach that started at $82 per night.

When you’re planning your next family vacation, don’t just go for the same name brand hotel you’ve always chose. Consider a timeshare rental. These can sometimes be cheaper than staying at a hotel and even many other types of vacation rentals, while also giving independence.