Southwest Airlines to Greenville, South Carolina?

There has been many mixed messages and information about Southwest Airlines expanding their coverage to Greenville, South Carolina. A week ago the Greenville News reported that Southwest Airlines wasn’t going to be extended service to Greenville in 2010. However, in the last couple days there have been reports that Greenville is still on Southwest’s radar for 2010. So, the questions remains, is Southwest Airlines coming to Greenville soon? If not, are there other low-fare carriers that could start flying out of Greenville soon.

For months there have been reports in Greenville newspapers and conversations on many social websites about the possibility of Southwest Airlines coming to Greenville. Southwest and GSP Airport confirmed that Southwest was looking at Greenville as a possible location for expanding their service in 2010. Many believed that a decision would be made soon after the new year. That’s when the Greenville News reported that GSP wasn’t on Southwest’s radar for 2010, but possibly in the future. The article stated that Southwest was pursuing other cities. However, reports have come out in the last couple days stating that that was not exactly the case. GSP’s new manager has come on record to state that Southwest and GSP are in on-going negotiations. Both parties aren’t saying much, but it’s still yet to be seen what will happen.

Whatever the case, everyone agrees that it is imperative that Greenville gets a low-fare carrier. For travelers departing from Greenville, it can be quite expensive and cumbersome. Travelers are often paying much higher fares and riding on small commuter planes to east coast cities to connect on a larger plane. Some air fares can be as much as $100 to $200 more than flying out of Atlanta and Charlotte. With that in mind, many travelers simply drive to Charlotte and Atlanta, which is usually cheaper, as well as more convenient.

Hopefully in the next couple weeks more will rise to the surface on the possibility of Southwest Airlines coming to Upstate South Carolina. If Southwest doesn’t make it to Greenville, it’ll be a disappointment to the upstate, but at least GPS sounds like they’re actively pursuing to make sure a low-fare carrier finds a home in Greenville.