Greenville, South Carolina Restaurant Week

Greenville, South Carolina has now joined the long list of cities across America that now do a restaurant week every year. If you’re not familiar with restaurant week, the week-long event held in cities around the U.S. bring together the culinary delights of each city. Starting back in the 90s as a low-key restaurant event, it has now blossomed into one of the most popular events in many cities each year. Many cities even do one twice a year.

Restaurant weeks usually cater to large cities, like New York and Los Angeles, as they often feature hundreds of restaurants that participate. However, in Greenville, since it’s a much smaller city, there’s not the opportunity for nearly as many restaurants to take place in the event. Greenville’s Restaurant Week has still brought together many of the best restaurants Greenville has to offer, from the finest dining to very casual dining. The event kicked off yesterday, Monday, January 11th and will be going on until Sunday, January 17th.

Like I said, Greenville’s Restaurant Week won’t nearly be on the same scale of my other cities, however, some of the best restaurants in Greenville have come together to take part in the event. A few of the participating Greenville restaurants include Wild Wing Cafe, Soby’s Restaurant, Ruth Chris Steak House and Stella’s Southern Bistro. Most of the restaurants are offering special deals and multi-course, fixed price meals that you couldn’t get during the rest of the year. Many will either be three or five-course meals, offering an appetizer, dessert and a couple different entree options. However, if none of the multi-course offerings appeal to you, then you can still simply order off each restaurant’s menu and take place in the Greenville restaurant event that supports and celebrates the great culinary cuisine the city has to offer.