Win Free Nights at Hyatt Resorts

Of all the hotel brands in the world, it seems like every time you turn around, Hyatt is doing another grand hotel giveaway or promotion. Last year there was the the Big Welcome, followed by this year’s Big Welcome Back. I recently did a giveaway over at Uptake to celebrate the kick-off of the Big Welcome Back Promotion. Well Hyatt is up to it again, this time offering free hotel nights through their Facebook page.

The Hyatt Resorts Challenge, which launched yesterday, is simple. Readers simply go to Hyatt’s Facebook Page, vote for their favorite Hyatt resort and upload a photo of their favorite vacation activity. Readers are encouraged to upload a photo of an activity they would most like to do while staying at a Hyatt Resort. To be entered, people must upload the photo to the Hyatt Resorts Facebook page. Five winners will randomly be selected to win two free nights at any Hyatt Resort worldwide. The challenge runs through July 26th.

Tabbed the “Best of all Worlds Challenge, the giveaway highlights the multi-faceted experience of Hyatt’s resorts. Hyatt has resorts located worldwide, from the sandy beaches of Dubai to the snow capped mountains of the Colorado Rockies. Each resort offers their own unique experience, that captures both the Hyatt style and the surrounding culture. Hyatt resorts are often a city in and of themselves, offering luxury resort-type amenities, coupled with experiences that are reminiscent of the local culture.

So what is your “best of all worlds” experience? Have you had a vacation experience that was unrivaled and offered the best of all worlds?

*Although I have received free nights by Hyatt in the past, I was given no compensation, nor any complimentary stays for this post.