A Review-The Art of Solo Travel

“Quit your life (and get a new one).” These are the words of Stephanie Lee in here book The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls’ Guide. When Craig Martin of Indie Travel Podcast asked me to take a look at it, I couldn’t pass up the chance. Craig is blazing the world with his travel products and has been a good colleague I met months ago on Twitter. I was excited to read through Stephanie Lee’s new book, as it captures the essence of many of my passions for travel.

With a great job, house and comfortable life in Australia, Stephanie followed her passions in her late 20s to travel the world solo. Traveling months, predominantly through Europe, Stephanie embarked on a solo trip that’s made its mark as one of the most definitive moments of her life. In The Art of Solo Travel she discusses why she decided to go, what the trip did for her and how other women can take the same leap she did to travel the world. You don’t have to have much money, but a passion to travel and the will to make that leap to the unknown. Stephanie gives readers the resources and tools to plan an effective trip. She covers everything from how to budget, what to pack, where to stay and what precautions to keep in mind. Although Stephanie’s book is geared toward young women travelers, it’s something that everyone with an interest in travel can read and take to heart. She encourages people to take that leap and start planning and saving now for that world trip that everyone has dreamed of.

The Art of Solo Travel speaks to a lot of my travel passions. I first traveled solo at the age of 8?! Can you believe it? My sister was a flight attendant and put me on a Delta flight by myself to fly three hours to Dallas to meet up with family. It’s one of my fondest travel memories and when I really first got the travel bug, and I haven’t looked back since. I envision a jump in my own life, sooner than later, when I’ll make a similar jump as Stephanie to live and travel the world. You don’t need to have a lot of money, but just a passion to travel and have the appropriate resources to be a savvy traveler. Stephanie in her book provides the tools and resources to help make those decisions and be a savvy traveler.

To get a copy of The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls’ Guide, you can head over to Indie Podcast to buy one. I was not compensated to write or endorse this. I only write about products that I myself would buy and use and this book is one of those.